things that whack you in the head on a snowy friday afternoon

yes, it is snowing. again. it’s also really cold, like freezing. and earlier today it was sunny, but freezing, then it started raining, then it stopped, and the sun was out. and then all of a sudden it started snowing hard. and off and on since then.

i’ve been working, intermittently looking up to confirm that yes, it is still miserable outside but wonderfully quiet – it turns out the one thing that will put an end to the incessant beeping from the construction site across the field (a new olive oil press) is snow. hurray. i am v happy.

on a little stroll through new blogs between two paragraphs, i found this:

please click on it. i cannot fully convey the magnitude of the WHACK it gave me. [advance warning to the men who might be reading: i am about to start writing about girl’s stuff, as in concerning ‘down there’. if you are squeamish, you were warned, but read on].

i am old enough to know better, but beyond appreciating the fact that i was born in an age of tampons and bemoaning my feminine plight, i have never, ever imagined it gets a lot worse, in THIS DAY AND AGE. i know i know, i should know better. i have hiked in canyons and the sierras where there is no running water, no plumbing, no garbage disposal, no stores. i study poverty for heavn’s sake. i should know that when the choice is between feeding your kids or a box of OBs, it’s not even an option. so why i thought women who live in the tarahumara sierra, or a small impoverished village deep in yucatan, or oaxaca would avail themselves of tampons as often as needed i do not know. or maybe my brain just SHUT DOWN at the first hint of a realization that they don’t use tampons. or pads. or anything else. the link the the site talks about camel skins for chrissakes.

so pony up and donate so some good souls can make ecologically disposable or handwashable pads for that enormous part of humanity which apart from living in abject conditions to begin with has to walk around sans protection. ogod. methinks i need something strong, stiff and in a tumbler to recover.

and on that note, have a great w-e!

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