; otherwise known as : our end

what i watched on my computer last night:

– 1 episode of new amsterdam (lasse halstom produces, i am positively biased towards anything connected or related to ‘my life as a dog’)

– 2 clips of victoria beckham’s show ( awful, just awful. PB is fascinated)

– the beginning of the office, season 4, episode one (classic, as always)

– half of a simpson’s episode (i fell asleep halfway through)

i don’t think i have watched this much TV in months. is amazing, but as PB said, it will be our end.  we might as well buy a TV now, bc it can’t get worse than having all of Firefly at the touch of a keyboard.  i am holding back right now, must work A LOT today, but i tell you, i can feel the crew of the Serenity beckoning from across the internet.  absolutely, this will be deadly…


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