zen rage

a few things that totally mess with my zen:

people driving enormous mommy vans who don’t know how to maneuver, park or back them out – especially when they are blocking the driveway to the yoga studio (you see the irony)

the woman who bought the last challah at the bakery, but asked for the TSHALLE. if you can’t pronounce it, you can’t have it (that’s how i’d run my bakery into the ground)

the fact that leopard can’t run with acrosslite – i can’t download my daily NYT crossword, and it is becoming a problem.

box elder beetles (there’s a longer post about this pest dating from sometime last year) – i am getting better, but the zen is still compromised.

the imminence of sending my manuscript off. it’s a good thing, but it ain’t a zen thing.

there is a my zen bliss list, i promise. it includes good drivers, challah bread, NYT crossword puzzles, exterminators and a published book…


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