vernal equinox

this morning on my way to yoga (yes, i am that type of person) the sun was so bright i had to wear sunglasses (at 7.45am).  by the time i was down the hill it was pouring torrentially and too dark to drive without headlights.  as i reached the road that leads me up the hill where the yoga studio is, i saw the whole expanse was covered in snow, and by the time i was in the studio, we could see and hear it all melt.

hours later, i am now sitting at my desk, from where i see the first buds on the elm tree (or is it oak – how can one tell?), bright sun in the field ahead, and big, dark, rainy clouds across the valley.

i am sure it is snowing in my backyard.

people, it is definitely spring.  and a happy equinox to all!


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