one farm-fresh egg, creamy butter and very good parmesan

and what do you get? kick ass vegetarian carbonara sauce, that’s what you get.

i’d post a picture of what it looked like with lovely italian pasta, all yellow and rich and creamy (bc the egg really is farm fresh, so the yolk is deep deep orange) but this is not that kind of blog (see for reference – i don’t know how she gets to cook if she’s taking pictures at every stage. maybe has an assistant?). and mark bittman gets loads of help on his blog , which is brilliant and fun, but this is not that type of blog either, so there.

the lovely PB is back from canada, at last, and we are off to LA this pm. which doesn’t mean i will disappear. who knows, if i see lilo or brit, i’ll post quick and beat or to it.

i swear i also read serious blogs and sites. i just can’t think which right now…


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