who knew???

did you know that when grass grows, you can actually hear it? no really. i heard it this w-e at the park, and i promise i was not imagining it. thing is, it’s not so much the growing grass you hear, but all the moisture in the soil bubbling, and all the little creatures in the soil moving around. but they are bubbling and moving BECAUSE the grass is growing, so technically, you can hear grass grow.

on other nature related issues, the sound of wind blowing in tall pines bordering oregon vineyards in march is exactly the same sound you hear in my bathtub here when there’s a summer rain shower . yep it is.

and the sound of my dog snoring sounds exactly like a dog snoring, and it is extremely comforting – unlike the deafening sound of my dad snoring, which is so bad that on a sailing trip a long time ago along the english coast, we sent him off to sleep at local b&b every night when we moored. he was scaring the dolphins… the existence of which in the north sea is proof that global warming started at least ca. 1986.



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