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was there any need for me to share my friday afternoon horror story? probably not, so to those of you who felt i unnecessarilly grossed myself and anyone else out, i beg your pardon.

much better to focus on pretty things, which is why i urge you to check these two cool scandinavian artists out: : dooce just blogged about her, but i had seen her work in a round-about way via the site of karin eriksson, whose tea-lights and other stuff you can see here:

if i could do nothing else in life than guarantee pretty living environments for everyone, i’d buy a lot of their stuff and paint everyone’s homes a warm white, and place flokati rugs in front of simple yet comfortable couches, and put daffodils in small glass vases, brew a nice cup of tea and eat ginger snap cookies. wouldn’t that be nice?


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things that whack you in the head on a snowy friday afternoon

yes, it is snowing. again. it’s also really cold, like freezing. and earlier today it was sunny, but freezing, then it started raining, then it stopped, and the sun was out. and then all of a sudden it started snowing hard. and off and on since then.

i’ve been working, intermittently looking up to confirm that yes, it is still miserable outside but wonderfully quiet – it turns out the one thing that will put an end to the incessant beeping from the construction site across the field (a new olive oil press) is snow. hurray. i am v happy.

on a little stroll through new blogs between two paragraphs, i found this:

please click on it. i cannot fully convey the magnitude of the WHACK it gave me. [advance warning to the men who might be reading: i am about to start writing about girl’s stuff, as in concerning ‘down there’. if you are squeamish, you were warned, but read on].

i am old enough to know better, but beyond appreciating the fact that i was born in an age of tampons and bemoaning my feminine plight, i have never, ever imagined it gets a lot worse, in THIS DAY AND AGE. i know i know, i should know better. i have hiked in canyons and the sierras where there is no running water, no plumbing, no garbage disposal, no stores. i study poverty for heavn’s sake. i should know that when the choice is between feeding your kids or a box of OBs, it’s not even an option. so why i thought women who live in the tarahumara sierra, or a small impoverished village deep in yucatan, or oaxaca would avail themselves of tampons as often as needed i do not know. or maybe my brain just SHUT DOWN at the first hint of a realization that they don’t use tampons. or pads. or anything else. the link the the site talks about camel skins for chrissakes.

so pony up and donate so some good souls can make ecologically disposable or handwashable pads for that enormous part of humanity which apart from living in abject conditions to begin with has to walk around sans protection. ogod. methinks i need something strong, stiff and in a tumbler to recover.

and on that note, have a great w-e!

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what i watched on my computer last night:

– 1 episode of new amsterdam (lasse halstom produces, i am positively biased towards anything connected or related to ‘my life as a dog’)

– 2 clips of victoria beckham’s show ( awful, just awful. PB is fascinated)

– the beginning of the office, season 4, episode one (classic, as always)

– half of a simpson’s episode (i fell asleep halfway through)

i don’t think i have watched this much TV in months. is amazing, but as PB said, it will be our end.  we might as well buy a TV now, bc it can’t get worse than having all of Firefly at the touch of a keyboard.  i am holding back right now, must work A LOT today, but i tell you, i can feel the crew of the Serenity beckoning from across the internet.  absolutely, this will be deadly…

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zen rage

a few things that totally mess with my zen:

people driving enormous mommy vans who don’t know how to maneuver, park or back them out – especially when they are blocking the driveway to the yoga studio (you see the irony)

the woman who bought the last challah at the bakery, but asked for the TSHALLE. if you can’t pronounce it, you can’t have it (that’s how i’d run my bakery into the ground)

the fact that leopard can’t run with acrosslite – i can’t download my daily NYT crossword, and it is becoming a problem.

box elder beetles (there’s a longer post about this pest dating from sometime last year) – i am getting better, but the zen is still compromised.

the imminence of sending my manuscript off. it’s a good thing, but it ain’t a zen thing.

there is a my zen bliss list, i promise. it includes good drivers, challah bread, NYT crossword puzzles, exterminators and a published book…

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vernal equinox

this morning on my way to yoga (yes, i am that type of person) the sun was so bright i had to wear sunglasses (at 7.45am).  by the time i was down the hill it was pouring torrentially and too dark to drive without headlights.  as i reached the road that leads me up the hill where the yoga studio is, i saw the whole expanse was covered in snow, and by the time i was in the studio, we could see and hear it all melt.

hours later, i am now sitting at my desk, from where i see the first buds on the elm tree (or is it oak – how can one tell?), bright sun in the field ahead, and big, dark, rainy clouds across the valley.

i am sure it is snowing in my backyard.

people, it is definitely spring.  and a happy equinox to all!

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don’t feed the fishies

i spent some time in a toy shop with a 2-year old today.  his 5-year old sister decided that what he wanted was a little wind-up nemo toy (i tried to paste a picture as reference, but am simply not talented enough to succeed – it’s one of those you wind up and the tail wags back and forth).  


when nemo’s tail broke within 2 minutes of the boy being in the car seat, he said  “broke” with a contrite look on his face.  followed by a more confident look and the assessment that  ” fish… bite”.  i’d say there’s a kid who paid attention, ’cause we all know that shark bit nemo’s tail off.  ‘fish are friends, not food’ can only keep sharks at bay for so long. 


the 5 year old chose a chipmunk at the store. she named her flounder.  


do you also sense a theme here? 


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so funny, so sad   these two links to youtube come from two blogs i regularly read: and i am an historian, i could not possibly not quote my sources…the first is wonderful, absolutely. i often onder what goes on in her highness’ head, and this short perfectly encompasses not just that question, but the essence of the relationship and why i adore her. i say this as she snores loudly, curled up on herslef in a corner of the office, emitting noxious gases. the second clip is a cringe inducing iggy pop covering ray of light at the induction of madonna in to R&R hall of fame.  i ask you: why? why the excess? why the need to pander to the industry’s need for more marketing spin? why don’t you wear a shirt iggy???

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