living well, dressing well

this is where i go when i feel totally demoralised about my self and my wardrobe – it’s no so much a blog as a picture of people in the street looking fabulous, not with anything particularly new, but bc they put their clothes together with style.

so when i feel like a frump and want to spend the day in sweats – i check this out, take a shower, slap some make up and get dressed, and try to do it well. this w-e, for example, i did that on saturday. i would have spent the w-e in bed had it not been for multiple social invitations, all of which i accepted so as not to spend the day in bed, feeling angry, sad and depressed bc it was the one-year anniversary of claire’s death.

instead i drank a lot of champagne on friday night and saturday, wore a new black lace skirt with funky spanish cowboy boots (trust me, it worked – thank you sartorialist blog) and saw a play (“clean house”) the plot of which hinged around one character’s death from breast cancer. ironic, no? but i got through it, and then we had vodka-heavy lemon drops (at a dark bar up the street) a known cure for most pains.

sunday i spent madly cleaning house (emphasis on madly – sometimes grief’s only outlet is anger), being mean on the phone to the lovely PB, and wandering around Target, aimlessly, for two hours. the aimless walk seemed to calm me down, and it was also the end of the w-e (i went late afternoon) so my energy must have been waning.

monday was better, and PB came back, and all is good, or at least better, in the world.

my sister arrives tomorrow evening – hoooray! – and for the hated valentine’s day (don’t get me started in the vile commercialism) we (PB, the sister, me) will share a large pizza and watch “no country for old men” at one of those idiosyncratic places that are both pizza parlor and movie theatre, sipping doctor pepper.

put that on a card, hallmark.

and on that note, happy valentine’s week to all of you. may you be loved, find love, make love, today, tomorrow, and as often and as much as possible.


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