Beware of such!

This is an excerpt from an email from a good friend of mine – her last missive reported on the results of a blind date. Let’s just say she has some colorful reports from the singles scene, made more so by the fact that she insists on dating men from one ethnic pool – Italian – Americans like her with a strong sense of their ancestry. I suggested she start a blog..

“Paul was and is a professor of Medicine, based at a Chicago university. He promptly emailed me. I agreed to meet with him at the association of Roman heritage dinner in Chicago. Never been to that group’s dos before and thought it might be a nice way to hook up with some new people, if all else fails.

The quasi-date began with him sending his friend, Mark, a (non-Italian) lawyer originally from Chile, to pick me up at the train station (Paul was allegedly delayed at the university). Mark interrogated me on the (very long) ride to the restaurant but was amusing company, nonetheless.

When I arrived, I met the friendly female Italian instructor in charge of table arrangements. Beware of such, always! She promptly moved my seat to the table away from Paul and put her sister in my place instead! (Her sister is visiting from Italy and plainly is in search of the marriage visa.) One of my uncles was unexpectedly at the do and when the not-unfair Paul finally arrived, he met us (both). Paul and I spent at least TEN minutes chatting, in between long-winded speeches and long-awaited food courses.”


Am I the only who finds this hilarious? I mean who sends a friend to pick up his blind date??? And how tragic to bump into an uncle on that same date. And all that for 10 minutes. Oh well, maybe it’s all for the better. Too bad the chauffeur/friend wasn’t hot – she should have run off with him. That’ll teach the good doctor…


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