and in the spirit of the end-of-the-work-week, please see:

not for the easily offended, but quite tame by comparison to much of perez’ output.

i like it best bc matt damon is in it, in a rather unexpected but oh-so welcome performance. i might be a bit biased – i am one of those that wasn’t bothered by the Bourne Ultimatum’s lack of plot or original dialogue, and instead was quite satisfied and happy that it was mostly an elogy on matt damon’s well-buffed form. the lovely PB won’t mind i say this, after all he forwarded this tidbit of entertainment to me…

beyond this round of excitement, the week has passed with some progress on chapter ugh, no more culinary creations, and only the slightest bit of snow this morning during yoga class – it was a most beautiful companion to our warrior poses.

let the w-e begin!!

in the US this is superbowl w-e. an event that leaves most of the rest of the world (including me) completely uninterested and usually unaware, but here, it’s a big deal. and in an effort to join the fun, and continue my education on yankee ways, i am going to watch the superbowl this year. it will help put my favorite show (friday night lights) in context, and it’s a very good excuse to make pigs in a blanket, with nigella lawson’s recipe for scone dough to wrap the piggies in. that’s my contribution to cross-continental atlantic friendships.


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