hours during which head ached today = 8

hours during which self cooked today = 5

hours spent eating bagels&lox = 3

there was some overlap between the the head ache and the bagel-orgy, but the cooking time was exclusive. what did i make once the screw-driver that was drilling in my left eye into the back of my head stopped doing that?

1 mango mousse (6 portions ; from canned mangos – fresh ones don’t grow here, and the ones that make it to the shops don’t look like mangos)

12 gaufrettes (approx) – these are little belgian waffles, not the american version eaten with syrup and other heresies.  they are dryer and smaller, ideal with a cup of strong coffee or a glass of milk in the afternoon.

1 pot of winter vegetable soup, very comforting

1 winter-squash lasagna, with raisins in between the layers and pine nuts on top. succeeded in making the bechamel even on notoriously useless burners of our ante-deluvian electric range.

and what did i have for dinner? that’s where the trade-off comes in. bagels, cream cheese, lox, oh and i forgot to mention crepes (made by self and other guests at brunch in a “flippin'” contest), breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs with caramelized onions which tasted like they had been caramelized in goose schmaltz – soooo good. all this goodness can only be followed by a zero calorie crunchy red and white cabbage salad , dressed with nothing more than a sprinkling of salt and a dash of rice wine vinegar (just like mark bittman demonstrated on this week).

atonement never tasted so good…


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