happy household rule #1: always have a plunger ready

i don’t mind that the lovely PB wakes up at the crack of dawn, i actually sort of like knowing my waking hour is nearing when i feel him roll out of bed, and i like the reminder that my waking hour is really close when i hear him grinding coffee (isn’t he amazing?). as much as i like being in bed, and as much as i need more sleep than he does, i LOVE the fact that when i wake, it is usually to share a cup of coffee with him in our blindingly bright kitchen (this time of year the sun is at the weirdest, bordering on dangerous, angle).

so imagine the distress when instead of hearing the comforting grind of coffee at 7.00am, i hear PB saying from the stairs :

“sweetie – where’s the plunger?”


these are not good words to wake up to. they are even worse when you realize – oh no – we don’t have a plunger.

on the bright side, HRH did not feel the need to inspect, so at least we weren’t trying to keep a nosy dog out of the mess, and we had enough towels to mop it all up (they are all being washed in super hot water now – i’d boil them if i could). a plunger was procured and all is well with our plumbing (i tested all other loos in the house), at least for now.

but i am buying 3 small plungers for each loo, and am getting one big massive industrial type plunger for the real emergencies. might i suggest you do too? you never know when you’ll need one, and i am fairly sure these things rarely happen at the right time.

and on that note, appreciate your indoor plumbing and have a great day!

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