“they never do THAT on E.R”

my sister got into a bad car accident while on holiday in australia this xmas. she’s ok – thanks for asking- but we were worried for a while. 16+ hours of time difference, a guilty sounding boyfriend and australian boondocks hospital phone operators didn’t help. we tried hard not to contemplate the near tragedy and focused on my sister’s dislocated clavicle and bruised thighs, but i couldn’t quite  erase the alternative scenario my brain produces in these situations. this is the same sister who 6 years ago shared the plane with the shoe bomber. everything ended well there too, but we all got too close a view of the alternate outcome, and it still ices me to the core.

so imagine what a relief i was to hear my sister’s story of the rectal exam she got immediately post crash.

apparently, and NOONE ever tells you this, this is a fairly reliable test to check for spine trauma after an accident. the doctor ran his finger’s down my sister’s T 1 and T 2 and whatevers, and then proceeded to give her the intimate test, poking around, asking her intermitently to “clench” and “release”. As my sister slowly recovers her memory of those hours and days, she today remembered mumbling during the procedure: “they never do this on E.R …”, only to hear her doctor mumble from behind her bum “… no, and I am not George Clooney”.

now there’s a man with a sense of humor.

best of all, if my sister could conjure up memories bad TV drama in the midst of her chaos and pain, she could not have been in that much danger. i tell myself that and slowly erase the images of that alternate scenario, and start breathing again.


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