you may not have noticed, but i was in a crabby mood all w-e. the lovely PB was away in LA, which usually is fine and allows me to do all the things we don’t do (shop, eat meat, wake up way too late), but this w-e, it just made me crabby. it doesn’t help that i watched “la vie en rose” on DVD, quite possibly the most depressing biopic ever. i knew La Piaf’s life was tragic, but cooome ooooon. maybe if I had been in another mood, but this w-e I needed something like Sixteen Candles or the Rachel Papers (i am dating myself here). i am grateful to the Golden Compass for providing the rest of the w-e entertainment.

this morning , in fine cranky mood, i got an email from my friend N who owns one of the stores most of my $$$ go to. she had made palmiers, they needed coffee, i should come over asap. i didn’t need much enticement ( i love palmiers, i love N’s coffee, and N is great). i got there around 10.30, by 11.30 we’d eaten all the palmiers, had 2 coffees, and opened a bottle of bubbly. yep that’s right. it was 5 o’clock somewhere, and we were both helping each other out of a funk. and guess what? it worked!!!!

not only am i in a better mood, but PB is taking the earlier flight home, i fit into a great pair of jeans, and the tailor had time to hem them.  and my sister announced she’s coming for a visit in february! what a reversal! now if only i could get back to writing my book…

if this post doesn’t make sense, blame it on mme cliquot (or whatever her more affordable and most delicious cousin’s name is)…


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