anyone need a pair of silver slippers?

i am much better at buying on ebay than i am at selling. so far, no bites on the shoes. ebay tells me people have ‘visited’ the item, and one person is ‘watching’ it, but no one wants to ‘buy it now’. fascinating really, don’t you think?

i also walked her royal highness in a park today – we were quite alone as things were wet, but a kind gentleman walking behind us announced himself as he neared us – “i don’t want you to think i am coming up behind you”. i appreciate the thought, but 1) you ARE coming up behind me, 2)why should i worry about that? and 3) did you see the size of my dog??? of course i didn’t say anything of the sort, but one meets the strangest people.

the rest of the day was spent with the NYT crossword puzzle, reading the Golden Compass (way better than Harry Potter, this is children’s lit an adult can read) and wrapping pressies.

total work accomplished on book this week-end = absolutely nil.

guilt about this = moderate

what am i going to do about it? check in with me tomorrow…


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