5 readers!

i have just recently discovered the myriad uses for the dashboard on wordpress. i can correct spelling mistakes i made 3 weeks ago, i can easily add to my list of books, and i can see how many people have visited my blog!!! the blogstats don’t tell me how long my 5 readers spent here, but 5 people somehow found their way to this blog. how? was it the “dogs” categories? the “oregon” in my blog name? i have no idea how anyone would find me here. how do i get to the blogs i usually read? i think i travel from blog to blog, navigating by some blog-reading compass. is that how you got here, my 5 readers? do tell.

there will be more on dogs, for those of you who care. her royal highness is most entertaining. she’s even sporting the latest fashions, something she never used to stoop to. but it is too cold, and her elderly self required some wool on her back. i hope you appreciate the attached fashion shot (even if you have to turn your heads)…

monkey on a dog

there may be more on oregon, especially as the winter gets darker and i post pictures of summer to brighten things up. as for that book i am writing – i am writing it, i might even be able to send a couple of chapters and a proposal off before year’s end. how totally amazing would that be??? trust me, it would be, in the words of one of my students, “totally rad”.

that’s right, totally rad.


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