quail hunter

2 posts in one day? you will think i am unwell… but no – just catching up.

the quail hunter i mention is the canine princess herself. last week, to my utter horror and amazement, she caught a small quail, a straggler, a slow one who couldn’t keep up with the rest of its short-legged flight impaired brood. she slapped it with one of her big paws and stunned it, and then proceeded to maul the tiny creature. it happened so fast, and i have to admit, i was too stunned to do anything. i was watching ancestral instincts at play, a former self of my lion-hunting princess, blooded at last. when she was done, she stood over what was left of her prey (unfortunately quite a messy bit – we revisit it on each walk, but she isn’t so interested anymore) and gave me a look that could only have been: so what? it’s what i do.

the only thing she’s terminated this week is a small box of chocolates i bought for a friend. prior to the quail incident i would have been horrified. now, i find it significantly less disturbing. it’s all relative my friends.

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