Best new networking website yet

if you haven’t checked out yet, please do.  well, if you care about books and reading, bc that is all it is about.  fundamentally, it’s a virtual bookshelf, but it also is a great resource for connecting with long lost reading group friends, or for finding more books you want to read.  it is the book rat’s network site, and i love it.  unfortunately i can’t link my shelf to wordpress – if you are on blogster i think it works, but you can download the application to your facebook profile and share the love that way.

essentially – all i have done since the last post is catch up on the 21st century – i was urged to join facebook by two friends on the same day, and i finally did, and i have to say, it IS pretty cool.  i have spent countless hours finding old friends, updating my profile, uploading pictures for said friends to see.  they in turn have posted hilarious youtube videos on my “fun wall”, lead me to an application that automatically adds new silly comic strips to my profile every day, and told me about shelfari, which has taken over my life because i won’t rest till all the books i have ever read, and i mean ALL THE BOOKS have been duly lined up on my shelf.

claire would have loved this thing – it would have appealed to her sense of order and given her a nice platform to subtly indulge in her intellectual snobbery. pity.


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