getting lost

not as in “get lost”, but as in losing your way.  this is not a metaphor for my life, since i have been feeling oddly on track, but the reality of a walk her highness’ and i took today.  we were rather confident as we started on the trails, even met up with a posse of pasty looking lager louts trying to hide the joint they were sharing, and since the park is right by the landing strip it is hardly in the middle of nowhere and yet… when the trail is largely covered with leaves, it is easy to lose it.  and one tree does look a lot like the other.  it was all fine and we were never very far from the parking lot as it turns out (yes, we are complete losers) but for that minute we felt lost, and her highness looked at me with a look that can only be translated as “what now?”, i didn’t really mind.  the moss on the trees looked very soft, the sounds of roads and cars absent.  I could hear scurrying under the leaves, the trickle of water somewhere, leaves and branches falling and bending, the warm breath of her highness on the back of my knees, and the consideration, imagining the possibility that we might, in some other life, really be lost .  it was absolute perfection, for one small minute.

she is lying on her side, her big belly flopped and her ears flipped back.  she is rewarding herself with sleep.  i will reward us with another walk tomorrow.  maybe we will get lost again.


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