coming home

After almost 2 weeks away, total number of dead mice in traps was 4. I am told this is no big deal, and I should just have used a plastic bag to grab the traps. Or swept them into a paper bag. NO way. Any contact with the petrified corpses is inconceivable, and I have decided that I would rather have them scurrying around the house than find them stiff and dead in the kitchen. The lovely PB was summoned upon his return from the airport this morning to dispose of the casualties before going to the office.

Now that her highness is back, she will surely keep the mice under control. Not that dogs are reputable mice chasers, but surely she will do a good job of giving the mice pause before entering.

The things is, when you live in a field, when your house is an intruder in a field, you wage a daily battle to keep the wild things out. And when you leave for warmer climes for 2 weeks, and leave the mice watcher at a cushy kennel where the biggest challenge she faces is figuring how to get into the cat food, the mice come back.

It’s all par for the course though, since the trip was well worth it! A fabulous conference (yes – it can happen), a grand dinner party, reunions galore with life-long friends and their precocious and wonderfully social and well-behaved kids. I even won some money at dominos, or maybe it was liar’s poker. Either way, I won at a game I hadn’t played in years at an old restaurant/hall surrounded by serious looking older men playing serious domino, hipster youths coming out of art class, and a lot of tequila bottles. If I hadn’t been there myself I’d say it was a scene from a movie…

tequila y jugadores

what do you think? i tried to upload the picture into the entry, but it is too big, and i still don’t know how to minimize the size of my pictures. help, please, anyone?


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