Bed bugs

box elder bugs

these nasty little critters are all over the house, they are swarming over the window screens, lounging by the front door cracks, trying to get in, camouflaging in trees, and hitching a ride into the house when i walk by. they are such a pest at this time of year, and there is nothing to do. you can squash them, which is messy, or vacuum them and release them back into nature, from where they will inevitably plan their reentry into the house. they are everywhere – i found one in my bed, dead. i imagine i killed it when i rolled over it. i found other walking across the carpet. yet another floating in my tub.

oh the joys of country living.

as much as these box elder bugs annoy me, i think i prefer them to the stench of dead mouse that permeates the guest room. the poor bugger probably died in one of the heating ducts. the smell is indescribable.

oh the joys of country living.


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