Time goes

Yes it does. This week I achieved much, but still am not ready the conference I am heading to next week, had a health scare (for the canine princess, not myself), recovered from scare, went to 2 fabulous yoga classes and said goodbye to the lovely PB for a week.

I hate it when he leaves, but so goes our life. At least I get to stay here a few more days, in the gorgeous Oregon countryside, wind and rain swept as it has been this week. Most of the leaves are on the ground, making it a dangerous place. Some of the walnuts are still on the tree, but not many – making that place safe again for the princess. She got bombarded a few times and I fear she may never step under its enormous branches again.

And I have been bombarded myself, by thoughts of my friend Planet, who got married this w-e last year, and died less than 4 months later. One year since I last saw her – a strange anniversary indeed. Time flies, and for Planet it disappeared.

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