Day 8 – maybe it’s time to stop counting?

especially since i skipped a day.

But in all honesty, I didn’t keep a diary on a daily basis(eons ago when I used to keep a diary),  so how am I to fit daily blog entry into my action packed days ?

Am toiling and thinking of the intro to the book – I am in percolating mode: I think, I scribble, I read – but I do not write. It will all come tumbling out soon, tomorrow I hope, but I feel obstacles in my way. There’s one chapter that I need to address, and problems that could take a minute or three days lurk in between its lines. Daily progress on a written piece of work are not always visible daily – which is the infuriating part, and makes it sound like I am just making excuses now. But I swear time has not been wasted lately.

And in 30 minutes I am going to the gym, for the first time in too long. Surely that will loosen creative wheels? Yes it will, and don’t call me Shirley.

Shall return with reports from the treadmill and from the movies – lovely PB is dying for some popcorn and brain candy – why the last episode of Gossip Girl won’t do, I do not know…


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