Day 6 – just starting

The wonderful PB is in California this w-e, and here is a picture of what he bought for me :




Some of you may think that the man who loves you would surely buy you something more glamorous than than sudafed, especially if he’s in So Cal.

But you would be wrong.  Because if you live in Oregon, and you get a bad cold, which congests your nose,  makes it impossible to breathe and makes your face hurt – you would not be able to get any help in an Oregon pharmacy. They do not sell any product that contains pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

You see, Oregon has a slight problem with Meth – its usage and its production – and it turns out pseudoephedrine is a key component in its production.  So if you wake up on Saturday morning in the middle of Oregon with a stuffy head and blocked nose, you better have a doctor handy, or you’ll be waiting till Monday for the real relief.


That is, unless you have a wonderful PB like mine – who buys you some in CA and saves your life.


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