Day 4

Moderate advance on book. I am getting stuck on intro paragraph of a chapter that is finished – maybe this fake sense of accomplishment (finished chapter) is the obstacle? Tomorrow I am adjusting my perspective – the chapter is not finished until that intro paragraph is finished. I hope it’s done by noon so I can head to P’land – city of books, restaurants and hopefully the cobbler who will restore my lilac and silver ballerina shoes to their former glory.

On the other hand, I did pay all my bills, and I ordered 2 pairs of boots online (its getting cold here people!) and had dinner with lovely neighbor. He is a truly wonderful person, a rare gentleman who will laugh himself off his chair as I retell catty tales and comment on bovine-ness of certain people. Especially nice since PB is away, and I wanted a dinner date on Friday. Said gentleman is 1) a gentleman, 2) married and 3) a couple of decades older than me, so to those of you who thought something untoward was afoot – I am sure he thanks you for the assumption!

Also took a long walk in a lovely park nearby – I do not understand why Southern California (where I commonly reside and where my official office still is) has paved itself over entirely, reducing the number of green spots to a few elite neighborhoods and cemeteries. Oregonians understand that humans need to breathe, and not just via the AC in their car. This park is a community park, with soccer fields, base-ball diamonds and trails in the surrounding woods where the dogs sniff and poop happily. All this is a short walk from people’s homes, a short drive from mine. In LA iId have to fight for a parking spot and share Runyon Canyon with most of the other dogs in town. And guess what – this city of 30,ooo has 4 more parks like this. Population of LA: approx 10 million, number of parks: nowhere near enough.


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