Day two

Today I accomplished the following (not necessarily in this order)

1) jump started car – drove to car shop (20 miles away), got a new battery

2) ran errands, bought too many potatoes, not enough vegetables (bad week at farmer’s market), mailed check to gardener

3) signed up for a trial week at a gym, did not stay long enough to exercice

4) made important corrections to chapter

5) made huge dinner for friends/neighbors: last tomatoes of summer soup, pork loin, caramelized squash (yum), 2006 pinot (not so yum – v tannic and fruity, probably should have gone with something older), coconut macaroons and chocolate for dessert

6) argued and made up with PB before he left on trip

7) helped grad student prep class on subject i know little about

I also saw a rainbow over the hill PB has a property on, walked dog over hill (another one) and watched amazing number of burn stacks in surrounding fields spewing flames and smoke into the blue air on an amazingly clear and beautiful day. Autumn is here, and it is a wonderful thing to watch, smell and feel the season change. All in all, not a bad day. And quite a productive one too.


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